What Is "Made To Order"?
Answer :
Made to order items will be made as soon as your purchase goes through. It takes about 3-5 business days to create each made to order item.
Where Do These Clothes Come From?
Answer :
Every item in our store is created onsite. We design every t-shirt, onesie and more and put a lot of love and thought into each design.
Can I Make A Custom Order?
Answer :
Absolutely! Please email me at info@littlecassata.com or message me on Instagram (LittleCassataClothing) and I will do my best to provide a custom item just for you!
How Long Does Shipping Take?
Answer :
5-7 days, but items can be rush ordered if you email me prior to your purchase.
What Is A Cassata?
Answer :
A cassata is a special dessert made with marzipan, almond filling and sweet candied fruit. It's the owner's favorite dish!
Where Can I Become A Brand Rep?
Check out the Brand Rep page by clicking "#CassataCrew" on the menu at the top of this page!